And you're doing a great job! We believe that every parent wants to be a better parent and if you're here, we KNOW that to be true about you.  Our Impact Kids ministry team is here to support you in any way we can. So, we created this online resource for you. You'll find everything from a weekly kids ONLINE EXPERIENCE, conversation guides to help you talk with your kids about difficult topics to at-home family activity packs to help you connect with your family in fun ways. We even have a few things just for you to help you connect with God in your own life. So, scroll on and let us know how else we can help. Simply email Pastor Jason at jason@impactwilmington.com with questions or ideas. Click one of the buttons below to get started! 


Who doesn't love free stuff? Well, we're a bit partial in Impact Kids, but we think the only thing better than free stuff is free stuff that helps you grow in your relationship with God and with your kids. So, we decided to pull back the curtain on many of the parenting tools we use to help you win at parenting.

Real Life Resources

Use these resources to practically engage  with your kids and be intentional in your parenting.

MoneyTalk Kids Activity Kit

Everyone wants to help their kids and students win with money! So, we wanted to provide these activity kits to help you speak with your kids about it based on the phase of life they're in. For even more resources, we encourage you to check out Dave Ramsey's resources at the last link.

MoneyTalk for Preschoolers
MoneyTalk for Elementary Kids
MoneyTalk for Middle & High School

Dave Ramsey Resources for Kids & Students 

Prayer Calendar

This 30-Day Prayer Calendar was created as a tool to help parents pray daily for their family. Each day consists of a prayer prompt. While there are “weekly” themes, if you miss days in between, that’s okay! You can simply pick up where you left off.

Use it once for 30 days or use it to create a cycle of 30 days that you repeat over and over as you continue to pray for your family throughout the year.

30 Day Prayer Calendar

21 Questions

Don't we all want to have more meaningful conversations with our kids? Whether it's in the car, in the backyard, or at the dinner table, these question prompts are guaranteed to spark lively conversation in your family.

Preschool Questions 
Elementary Questions

Encouragement Cards

We know how much it can mean to the kids and even teenagers in your life when you write a note of encouragement to them. Especially for no reason! To be used in lunch boxes, backpacks, or just to leave around their room, these downloadable encouragement cards are a great way to remind the kids and students in your life that they are loved. Click below to download and print.

Encouragement Cards 

Family Discovery Pack

Have you ever taken the time to discover what’s unique and special about your family? Whether you have or haven’t, your family is growing and changing, so discovering who you are is always a good idea. Sit down, take a look at your calendar, and choose some time for everyone to get together for some bonding, learning, and fun! Download below!

Family Discovery Pack 

Work Kids Can Do

As parents ourselves, we all know how important it is to teach your kids and students responsibility, but mowing the lawn unsupervised may not be the best idea for a 3 year old. With that in mind, we've included a Phase-specific list of age appropriate chores. We've also included a chore chart for you to download and print to use at home.
Phase-Specific Work List 
Chore Chart


As parents, we all have great intentions on having the BIG talks with our kids while they are in our care, but sometimes we just don't know when to do it or have the right words. That's where Conversation Guides come in! As a church, we want to help you win in the parenting world by giving you the tools to be better with the most important conversations you will ever have with your kids and students. 


A discussion about faith looks different at every phase. It can be talking with a preschooler about Jesus being God’s Son or with a student who is having doubts for the first time. We wanted to make these Phase-specific Conversation Guides available to you so when the need arises, you’ll be ready to talk to your child about faith. Click the corresponding links below to access them.

Preschool Faith Guide 
Elementary Faith Guide 
Faith Life Map

Salvation (for kids)

This is an exciting time in a kid’s life. They’re starting to ask questions about their faith. They’re wondering about God and His love for them. They may be asking a lot of questions about Jesus—questions that you may struggle with yourself, or questions that may not have a simple answer. But that’s okay. This is a starting point for your kid to begin a life-long conversation about faith. Click below to access this specific Conversation Guide

Salvation Conversation Guide (For Kids)


Technology is on an ever-increasing rise, and it’s becoming a greater presence in the lives of children and students. Don’t miss the opportunity to talk with your kids and students, get on the same page, and LEARN from each other so you can better parent on this focus topic! Click the corresponding links below to access them.

Preschool Technology Guide 
Elementary Technology Guide
Technology Life Map

Sexual Integrity

Are we really going to talk about this? If you want your kids to grow up with sexual integrity, then the answer is – YES! But we’re not talking baseballs and butterflies here. No, this talk is a bit harder. That’s why we want you to have these helpful conversation guides for you so you can LEARN what to say (and what not to say) to your kid at each phase along the way.

Preschool Integrity Guide 
Elementary Integrity Guide 
Sexual Integrity Life Map


We recognize that helping a child or teen with anxiety is a challenge. Download the age-appropriate resource with tips and practical ways you can help.

Preschool Anxiety Guide 
Elementary Anxiety Guide


Our world is filled with tragic events, and sometimes that tragedy hits close to home. Equip yourself to help your child navigate tough situations with these phase Crisis Conversation Guides.

Preschool Crisis Guide
Elementary Crisis Guide